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Parish Meeting, 9 May

The Parish Meeting is also known as the Annual Meeting of the Electors, chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council.  The Police usually attend and give a short report, and the Parish Council Chairman will deliver his/her annual report.

Any member of the community is welcome to come and have their say.

Parish Groups are invited to give a report on their activities (under 3 minutes please).  If an organisation sends its report to the Clerk, it will be included in the Minutes of the meeting and it can be longer. 

The Parish Meeting is followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and then an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council.

Community Network Panel – 14 May


“Our Place” – Cllr Ron Ley,
Leader of Ilfracombe Town Council and a Government Champion for the “Our Place” Programme.

Ron Ley has led the “Our Place” initiative in Ilfracombe. “Our Place” is a neighbourhood level approach to service transformation, where public sector partners work with communities to identify priorities and find new ways of working. The public are welcome to attend and ask questions in the public section at the start of the meeting.


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Annual Parish Meeting

11 May – Annual Parish Meeting (aka Meeting of the Electors) 7.00 pm

11 May – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, approx 7.45 pm, immediately followed by:

11 May – Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council approx 8.00 pm

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