St Ewe Graveyard

ST Ewe parish Graveyard


This directory exists to help anyone seeking information about their ancestors and where they are buried in the churchyard of All Saints, St Ewe.

The church holds records of all individuals buried in the churchyard from around 1700 to the present day but, until the opening of the newer section in 1920, there was no record of where their graves were.

We have created this directory by examining each gravestone and extracting the name, age and date of death of the individual(s). Each grave has then been assigned a number.

On the following pages you will find an alphabetical list of all graves from which it has been possible to retrieve information together with the ‘Grave reference number’.

We have divided the graveyard into alphabetical sections and numbered the graves within these sections. To avoid clutter on the map we have indicated areas where graves can be found, so it will be necessary to look around a small area to find a specific grave.

When comparing our directory with the church records it was found that a good number of gravestones were either missing or so eroded that data could not be retrieved, these are shown as ‘not found’.

It is quite possible that information from the gravestones has not been extracted correctly in which case it would be helpful to have the right information and the source so that we can correct this. Please email your corrections to ‘’.

Download the PDF from here.  The Graveyard

Download the directory from here. ST EWE DIRECTORY OF GRAVES v1