Country Fair – Factoid Number 15!

St Ewe Country Fair – 21st August 2016

Factoid Number 15

Did you know?  

The sport of Pilot Gig Racing has evolved over a number of years from what was once a way of earning a living?

The Cornish pilot gig is a 6 oared rowing boat, built ideally of Cornish Narrow Leaf Elm, 32 feet long with a beam of 4ft 10″. It’s original purpose was as a working boat used to take pilots to incoming vessels off the Atlantic. The first boat to reach a ship secured the job and payment, hence needing to be quick.

This evolved into the gig racing of today with over 100 clubs worldwide. All modern gigs are based upon the design of ‘Treffry’, built in 1883 by William Peters of St. Mawes and still owned and raced by the Newquay Gig Club!

We are hoping to have our local gig club and their boat at this year’s country fair, so look out for a very long boat trailer approaching St Ewe on Sunday 21st.


7 weeks to this year’s fair!

The St Ewe Country Fair returns after a break in 2015 and to countdown to the great event we post a new factoid here each week.

Put the date in your diary – 21 AUGUST 2016.

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