Country Fair – Factoid Number 19!

St Ewe Country Fair – 21st August 2016

Factoid Number 19

Did you know?

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Did you know?

There wasn’t enough sun in April?

The fields we use for parking are currently sown with grain which will be cut when its moisture content is below 20%. It’s now at 24% with 3 weeks to go so fingers crossed. In this case Neil will use the grain as cattle feed and the straw as bedding. Later this will be spread on the fields as manure completing the growing cycle.

In a good year farmers would hope for 3 ½ tons or more per acre, it’s likely to be 3 tons or less due to the lack of sun earlier in the year. Grains are thinner and smaller which for farmers selling on the open market also reduces the price they get per ton. When it comes to milk production all these factors have to be absorbed by farmers who have to contract in to selling their milk at very low prices to the dairies and supermarkets. Shoppers enjoy some of the lowest food prices in history but it’s not easy for the producers who don’t always get the fairest deal.

3 weeks to this year’s fair!

The St Ewe Country Fair returns after a break in 2015 and to countdown to the great event we have been posting a new factoid here each week.

Put the date in your diary – 21 AUGUST 2016.

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