Country Fair – Factoid Number 6!

St Ewe Country Fair – 21st August 2016

Factoid Number 6

Did you know?  

Legendary Battles

For a good number of years the fair has hosted a grand tournament, a display of toughness and tactics, daring-do and great rivalry — the Tug ‘o’ War. The rules are simple; round up your team (often from the bar where they are toning up), put on your boots (some specially adapted with steel heels and tractor tyre treads) and on the word “pull” do just that!

Teams include locals, children and visitors (one team comes on holiday annually to compete). The Bosue Vineyard Cup is the main trophy held many a time by Probus Young Farmers – a mighty force of young men but stolen in 2014 by the St Ewe team and proudly displayed in the Crown Inn. Will they be able to retain it in 2016? The challenge is set.

16 weeks to this year’s fair!

The St Ewe Country Fair returns after a break in 2015 and to countdown there will be a new factoid posted each week leading up to the event.

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