Country Fair – Factoid Number 9!

St Ewe Country Fair – 21st August 2016

Factoid Number 9

Did you know?  

Tents can fly?

We used to borrow a marquee from ECC and this was still the case in 2007. The type with large wooden poles and plenty of guy ropes. As you can imagine, this brought a smile to the faces of the former Boy Scouts amongst our helpers. Fun was had hammering, hauling, knotting and tensioning until after much blood and sweat the erection was complete.

Now this tent was shall we say getting on a bit and 2007 was very windy. Poles pirouetted, pegs pulled, lashings loosened and guys gave. We had lift off, a maiden flight. Questions were asked, “Was it a bird, was it a plane or was it Richard hanging on for dear life as he impersonated Superman. Sadly the flight was short, landing was on the roof of the toilets. Tears were shed, an insurance claim processed and the marquee R.I.P.

13 weeks to this year’s fair!

The St Ewe Country Fair returns after a break in 2015 and to countdown there will be a new factoid posted each week leading up to the event.

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