Low Carbon Fund

Do you have ideas about cutting carbon?

The Local Low Carbon Fund panel
will be allocating grants
for carbon-cutting projects
in the parishes of
St Ewe, St Goran
and St Michael Caerhays.


NB: You may use the Application Form here even though it has a date of 2016 on it! The applications are due at the end of April or May and October or November each year. The next applications will be due on 31st May 2020. If you have questions about deadlines, contact Mr Bennett (details below).

The two large wind turbines at Gorran Highlanes are owned and operated by Community Power Cornwall. The idea is that some of the money made by the turbines will flow back into local communities in Cornwall to fund low carbon activities. Money generated by these turbines is given out in the form of grants to the communities of Gorran, St Ewe and St Michael Caerhayes by the Low Carbon Fund. This is a group of local people including representatives from the Parish Councils of the three parishes.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Bennett (01726 842 482)