MP Advice Surgeries

Steve Double MP

Advice Surgeries Jan-Jun 2020

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Please note these are by appointment only. If you wish to make an appointment to see Steve, please either email, telephone 01726 829379 or write to Steve Double MP, 3 Fore Street, St Austell, PL25 5PX.

Surgeries commencing generally at 1600 in St Austell and 1000 in Newquay. Appointments are of 20-minute duration. There will be occasions where will add in an additional surgery in and around the constituency. Due to security concerns, the venue will be confirmed once you book an appointment.

17th — St Austell (please note this surgery is on a Friday and runs from 1600-1800)
25th — Newquay

7th — St Austell
8th — Newquay
22nd — Newquay

6th — St Austell
14th — Newquay
27th — St Austell (please note this surgery runs from 1530-1730)

4th — Newquay
9th — St Austell (please note this surgery is on a Thursday)
24th — St Austell
25th — Newquay

9th May — Newquay
15th May — St Austell
30th May — Newquay

5th — St Austell
20th — Newquay

3rd — St Austell
11th — Newquay
17th — St Austell