As Lockdown eases – St Ewe Parish ongoing Covid-19 help

As Lockdown eases help for vulnerable still needed.

Areas on hands most often missed when hand-washing

St Ewe facebook page

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St Ewe Local Area Support Group (administered by Michael Bunney).

In an Emergency:

PHONE 111 in a medical emergency.
PHONE 999 in any other emergency situation

Local help in a non-emergency

St Ewe Parish has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic using its Emergency Plan. A buddy system has been set up so that those needed to self-isolate can receive food, medicines and other supplies safely.

As Lockdown eases, there are many who will still need to self-isolate

  1. because of vulnerability to Covid-19 or
  2. because of Covid-19 symptoms.

Those who are self-isolating may need help with:

  1. picking up shopping
  2. urgent supplies
  3. posting mail
  4. a friendly phone call

If you, or someone you know, needs local non-emergency help, please contact the following people who will do their best to help you:


Janet Lockyer Tel: 01726 844 276

Bosue/Pengrugla/Crosswyn area:

John Dickinson Tel: 01726 843 947

Trudgian/Lower Sticker/Hewaswater:

Will Richards Tel: 07966 341671


Ian Lobb Tel: 07866 053 888

Tucoyse/Caerhays area:

Philip Vellenoweth Tel: 01872 530 239

St. Ewe village:

Des Hawken Tel: 01726 842 080

Gorran area:

Michael Bunney Tel: 01726 842621; mob: 07939 457590

Government Guidance about social distancing (opens in new tab):

Gov.UK — Staying alert and safe (social distancing)


Anyone looking for a useful pastime on their one daily permitted walk is very welcome to help themselves to bamboo canes for the summer garden.  Enter the churchyard from the car park, keep right along the wall behind the houses, and you’ll see a clump of bamboo.  Please help yourself to a generous number; you’d be doing the churchyard a favour.  Bring secateurs and wear garden gloves.  See the notice board for where to put the clippings from the tops of the canes.

Cherilyn Mackrory, recently elected MP will champion parish councils

C Mackrory MP and all party committee to promote local democracy

Until very recently, Cherilyn Mackrory was St Ewe’s Cornwall Councillor. She is now the MP for Truro & Falmouth and will sit on the all party committee to promote local democracy, which in particular promotes the first tier local government in England; that is, parish councils.

See more here on the National Association of Local Councils’ website:

Newly elected MPs to champion local councils


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