Highways St Ewe Parish

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Highways’ works programme 2017-18

Surfacing and Surface Dressing Works.

The Road Closure orders will be in effect for 18 months with the expectation that the works are anticipated to finish on the 30th September 2017.

First areaSecond areaThird areaFourth areaFifth areaSixth area
There are no works schedules in St Ewe area.
The The Fifth area lists works in Tregony.
The The Sixth area lists works in Pentewan Valley, St Goran and St Mewan parishes.

Highways’ works programme 2016-17

2016/17 Surfacing and Surface Dressing Works.
Starting on the 16th May 2016.
The Road Closure orders will be in effect for 18 months, however, it is likely the surface dressing works will be complete by the 30th September 2016.

2016-17 Surface Dressing         2016-17 Surfacing & Patching Works

A schedule of transport and highway work requests with responses has been prepared for each area. This schedule (February 2016) is available on the Cornwall Council website for you to view. Also you will be able to find a ‘live’ list on the same link.  There are no work requests for St Ewe Parish on this schedule.

Highways’ works programme 2015-16

ST EWE AREA – highways programme 2015-16.

CORNWALL – complete lists:

Surfacing and patching – 1)10 m/hr limit   2)10 m/hr limit   3)road closure   4)road closure

Surface dressing – 5)10 m/hr limit   6)road closure

Report Issues Directly to Cornwall Council:

Via telephone:  0300 1234 222

Via these internet links:


REPORT A HIGHWAY PROBLEM including: Bus shelters – damaged, graffiti or dirty; Debris – loose stone or other material; Gullies and gratings – blocked, missing, damaged or rocking; Kerbs – damaged or rocking; Manhole covers – damaged, missing or rocking; Mud; Obstructions – items blocking the highway; Signs – any sign on or off highway; Street furniture – benches, seats, railings etc; Surface defects – cracked or rocking slabs; Verges and trees – overgrown, over hanging or dangerous; Water – flooding, ponding; Weeds – injurious; knotweed ragwort etc.

REPORT FLY TIPPING for flytipping incidents on public land, for instance on a highway, pavement or public open space. For flytipping on private land, or privately owned land, please contact 0300 1234 141 to pass the details to the team for further investigation

REPORT A BREACH OF PLANNING CONTROL. You can report a suspected breach of planning control by using one of the forms you will find at this link.

REPORT AN ELECTRICAL PROBLEM including Street light/lamps, illuminated street signs or bollards, traffic lights, controlled pedestrian crossings, bus shelter electrical or any Other highways electrical issue.


REPORT A STREET WORKS PROBLEM including: Traffic lights at roadworks; Skip defects – not lit or causing obstruction; Scaffolds – dangerous, unlicensed, unlit or causing obstruction; Hoardings – dangerous or causing obstruction; Traffic management at roadworks – cones, pedestrian barriers, unprotected excavations; Builders’ materials – unprotected or causing obstruction; Footway crossings (vehicular) – dangerous or unlicensed; Banners or bunting – causing obstruction or offense.