Polmassick Culvert Works Report

If you have any questions, ring Cllr J Lockyer, 01726 844 276.

6th May 2017. The last pipe.

24th April 2017. Other side of bridge.

5th April 2017. One side of tunnel almost complete. Ready to break through to other side of bridge.

20 March 2017.  The Polmassick – Gorran road is now open.

The road from Polmassick to St Ewe is now closed.

14 March 2017. Cover or ‘biscuit’ in place.

23 February 2017. Pan finished after lots of problems. Just stone work to do; three pipes in place across the road; inspection pit to complete; hope to have road open soon as possible and remove pumps and generator.

22 February 2017. This shows pan with steels and Steels removed next ones show inspection pit which is the start of coming across the road two pipes going in tomorrow.

18 January 2017.  Two more pipes to go in and then they will be pouring concrete.