Report a Pothole or Fly-tipping, etc      grid reference finder

Report Issues Directly to Cornwall Council.  Reporting in this way is the most direct means of having your issue dealt with asap.

Via telephone:  0300 1234 222

Via these internet links:


REPORT A HIGHWAY PROBLEM including: Bus shelters – damaged, graffiti or dirty; Debris – loose stone or other material; Gullies and gratings – blocked, missing, damaged or rocking; Kerbs – damaged or rocking; Manhole covers – damaged, missing or rocking; Mud; Obstructions – items blocking the highway; Signs – any sign on or off highway; Street furniture – benches, seats, railings etc; Surface defects – cracked or rocking slabs; Verges and trees – overgrown, over hanging or dangerous; Water – flooding, ponding; Weeds – injurious; knotweed ragwort etc.

REPORT FLY TIPPING for flytipping incidents on public land, for instance on a highway, pavement or public open space. For flytipping on private land, or privately owned land, please contact 0300 1234 141 to pass the details to the team for further investigation

REPORT A BREACH OF PLANNING CONTROL. You can report a suspected breach of planning control by using one of the forms you will find at this link.

REPORT AN ELECTRICAL PROBLEM including Street light/lamps, illuminated street signs or bollards, traffic lights, controlled pedestrian crossings, bus shelter electrical or any Other highways electrical issue.


REPORT A STREET WORKS PROBLEM including: Traffic lights at roadworks; Skip defects – not lit or causing obstruction; Scaffolds – dangerous, unlicensed, unlit or causing obstruction; Hoardings – dangerous or causing obstruction; Traffic management at roadworks – cones, pedestrian barriers, unprotected excavations; Builders’ materials – unprotected or causing obstruction; Footway crossings (vehicular) – dangerous or unlicensed; Banners or bunting – causing obstruction or offense.

REPORT IT – complete list of options.