Request for photos of traffic problems

St Ewe Parish Council has the opportunity to request signage for the problem roads and ‘pinch points’ in the parish, but permission for the signs may not be granted without evidence.

If you have a photograph of large vehicles – buses, lorries, etc – stuck in the lanes in the parish, please forward them to the clerk, with:

  1. A DATE and
  3. WHAT HAPPENED (for example, how long it was stuck and how it got out)

It is very unlikely that signage such as ‘DON’T FOLLOW SAT NAV’ or ‘UNSUITABLE FOR HGV’ will be erected  until evidence of the problem is sent to highways.

Please send your evidence to:

Christine Wilson
Clerk to St Ewe Parish Council
Lower Burlorne Tregoose
Washaway, Bodmin PL30 3AJ

Thank you very much for your help with this ongoing problem.