St Ewe Affordable Housing Ltd (SEAHL)

LETTER FROM SEAHL to the Parish Council, dated 5th March 2020:

SEAHL undertook the Call for Land for St Ewe Parish in Jan/Feb 2019 and also made a direct approach to some local landowners. The limited responses we received were all treated in strict confidence but unfortunately, nothing suitable/viable has been forthcoming.

We, therefore, report that, at this stage, SEAHL has been unable to identify any suitable land for a Phase 2 Affordable Housing project within St Ewe Parish.

Thank you to all those who took part in the survey! The final report is here.
St. Ewe Housing Needs Survey – October 2018

St Ewe Affordable Housing

St Ewe Glebe Terrace, July 2017

SEAHL AGM is Tuesday, 27 November, 7.00 pm
at the St Ewe Village Hall

Carrying on from the Survey, which identified
26 households
that would benefit from
St Ewe Affordable Housing,
all those interested in an
affordable housing project in St Ewe
are welcome to attend SEAHL’s AGM.

ST EWE HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY – closed on 20th July 2018
In order to find out more about the housing need in ST EWE PARISH, this survey:

  • demonstrates the need for affordable housing,
  • provides vital information to help plan new developments, and
  • demonstrates the level of community support for new development.

More information about this survey and how it will be used:

Affordable Homes in St Ewe

SEAHL is a Community Land Trust set up initially to be the means of achieving the present Glebe Terrace properties. Although our current role is administrative, we have an important part to play in the selection of future new owners to ensure that they meet the strict qualifying conditions to occupy one of the houses.

SEAHL committee currently comprises Paul Sibley (Chairman), Martin Wheeley (Secretary), and Katie Ashworth, John Collins, Wal Eyre, Will Richards and Ian Lobb. In addition, anyone from the Parish is entitled to become a member and vote at the AGM. We hold regular committee meetings during the year and an AGM in October.

The houses at Glebe Terrace were built in 2011 and are for occupation by persons with strong connections to St Ewe Parish. Two are owned and managed by Cornwall Rural Housing Association and let to tenants. Numbers 1- 4 consist of two 2 bedroom houses and two 3 bedroom houses, and after construction were available to purchase at an affordable price by local qualifying persons. These qualifying conditions and an affordable price will apply to all future owners.

Although currently fully occupied, owners and tenants may change in the future and if you are interested should any become available, please let us know. You must also be registered on Help to Buy South West if you are interested in buying, or Cornwall Homechoice, if you wish to rent. These are registers of people looking for affordable housing, managed by Cornwall Council who have to verify that any future owner or occupier meets the qualifying conditions. Registration is free, it does not take long to fill in the forms and does not commit you in any way, but you must be registered in order to be considered.

It would also help us to know who is in housing need in the Parish and the present and future demands for affordable housing, as it may be possible in the future to consider more houses if there is a proven need and there are funds available.

SEAHL can however have a larger role if required and as a Community Land Trust can own and manage other land and property, not necessarily related to affordable housing. Other Community Land Trusts have bought playing fields, shops and pubs, all to ensure that their community retains important local facilities.

For more information or to register interest in the present and any future affordable housing please contact any committee member:

Committee members:

Paul Sibley, Chairman, 01726 843159
Martin Wheeley, Secretary, 01726 844840
Katie Ashworth, 01726 844855
John Collins, 01872 530249
Wal Eyre, 01726 842846
Ian Lobb, 07866 053888
Will Richards, 07966 341671