Tree Wardens in Cornwall

Message from Cornwall Council:

Dear Parish

You may or may not be aware of the tree warden scheme that the Tree Council has been running since 1991. More information can be found here on the Tree Council website. There are already a number of tree wardens within Cornwall and following a number of enquiries we are seeking interest in revitalising and extending this initiative within Cornwall to interested parishes.

Trees are of fundamental importance to the sense of place of a parish and there is often considerable interest in existing tree and indeed planting new trees. In addition many parishes and towns are considering trees and other greenspaces in their Neighbourhood planning (see attached information note).

Tree Wardens can work closely with their local community to better understand and share information about their local trees and to capture opportunities that the community may be interested in – for example the Ancient Tree Hunt – identify veteran trees within the parish; tree planting where appropriate and accessing funds or trees (for example at present the Woodland Trust are offering free trees to communities at the moment). In addition they can often see issues developing before our officers become aware of it to ensure appropriate responses.

As part of re-vitalising the existing network of tree wardens and extending it within Cornwall we will be offering some free awareness raising sessions for tree wardens on the role during the summer and to explore what support we might be able to provide for this network – for example some training events on trees and planning, cultural associations of tree (e.g. in place names etc.) keep in touch network newsletter etc.

The purpose of this email is to ask if your parish council wishes to nominate a tree warden or indeed to reconfirm that your parish has a tree warden and they wish to continue in this role. If you would like to have a tree warden in principle but do not yet have someone in mind then please let us know that you would like to be kept in touch.

We would welcome a response by end of June to this email address to ensure that we do not miss anyone off our initial awareness raising sessions. If you already have a tree warden and they have any views on potential topics for meetings then we would like to hear their views.

Thank you

Laura Jones MSc MICFor
Forestry Team Leader

Natural Environment
Environment Service
Neighbourhoods Directorate
Cornwall Council
L4A Pydar House
Pydar Street

If you are interested in being a tree warden for St Ewe Parish, please contact the clerk or any parish councillor. Thank you.